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Tax Resolutions Made Easy

I Solve Tax Problems

If you have tax problems, you are not alone. Every year we help taxpayers resolve unfiled returns, get through audits and examinations, and manage unpaid tax debt. We get taxpayers back into compliance so they can put their tax troubles behind them. We work with our clients, clients of other preparers, or those that self-manager their tax matters.

As Enrolled Agents, we are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to assist taxpayers with issues before the IRS. Unlike most Attorneys and CPAs, we specialize in IRS Practice and procedure to protect the taxpayer's legal rights when dealing with the IRS.  


We offer a free 20-minute consultation to hear about your tax problem and determine if we have a strategy to resolve it. We have you bring your last filed return; any notices you have received along with any other relevant documents, and we diagnose your problem. If we believe we can resolve your problem, we will estimate the cost of resolution and request a retainer agreement before starting work. Sometimes there is nothing we can do, and we may just tell you to do as the notice suggests.


Before we begin work, we require our clients to sign an Engagement Letter outlining the scope of the work, the terms of service, and we secure a retainer. We usually require an upfront payment of $1000 but may consider less in exceptional circumstances. We offer three type of fee structures. We have a standard hourly rate, and after the retainer is depleted we bill as you go. We offer a flat rate, where a fixed fee is quoted and paid up front with no additional charge for the scope of work quoted. We offer a contingency agreement for certain cases, where we charge a percentage of your tax savings when the job is completed.



Our process is pretty simple, but it works. We have the knowledge and experience to work through these steps quickly and efficiently while protecting your rights.

We Diagnose The Problem

Diagnosing the problem is the most important part of tax resolution. If you don't understand what went wrong, you are only treating the symptoms. We do this by reviewing transcripts, notices, past returns, compelling disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act, or through other public information sources. We work with taxpayers face to face and want to hear your story of how you got to where you are and where you want to go.  Most everyone that has serious tax problems has been through some traumatic life event and just has had a hard time getting it back together. We don't judge. We will get you to the finish line -- sometimes with friendly encouragement, or maybe even a push now and then to keep you moving in the right direction. We believe this makes us more reliable than the big firms you see on TV that make big promises, takes your money, and then fails to deliver.

We Develop Strategies to Get the Results We Want!

There are many legal and administrative processes available to taxpayers. Sometimes it just requires knowing where the starting point to resolving the is, and which process or procedure will get the best outcome. Some of the Strategies we use include:


We Correct The Tax

Many times taxpayers owe money because something wasn't filed properly. We correct the tax by submitting unfiled returns, filing amended returns, or using other administrative processes to ensure the taxpayer does not pay any more than legally required.

We Set-Up A Payment Plan

Setting up a repayment agreement is the most important part of protecting yourself from forced collection activity, which includes liens, levies, and wage garnishment. We can prove to the IRS that the taxpayer has no collection potential and demand they suspend collection activity. We can negotiate installment payment agreements to spread the balance due over as long as 72 months. In some circumstances, we can even negotiate an offer to pay less than the full amount of tax.

We Abate Penalties

We have proven strategies to remove penalties. The savings from this alone often justifies out fee.

We Develop A Plan To Avoid The Same Problem In The Future

The progress we make for our clients could be quickly undone if they did not remain compliant going forward. We develop plans to ensure the same problem doesn't return, that enough tax is withheld going forward, and all future returns are filed on time and take advantage of every available deduction, credit, and loophole available.


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