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We Are The Alternative to the High-Priced Low-Value Tax Franchises

The Tax Alternative Group was formed to be an Alternative for local taxpayers. Our goal was to provide a specialty tax service that provided Competent Professional Tax Services, that are Value-Priced, and deliver Personalized Service.

 Competent Professional Tax Services

Most tax professionals have little or no training. Less than 60% have proven competency as licensed professionals.  We are Enrolled Agents, licensed by the US Treasury Department, with proven competency in individual and business taxation as well IRS Practice and Procedure. Enrolled Agents are known as "America's Tax Experts." Enrolled Agents maintain the same "Unlimited Practice Rights" as Attorneys and CPAs. Enrolled Agents specialize in tax, whereas only a small number of Attorney deal with tax matters, and less than one-third of CPAs do tax work.

At the Tax Alternative Group, we do tax preparation, represent taxpayers before the IRS and State Tax Authorities, and do tax planning with small business owners. We aren't just putting numbers on forms. We understand what those numbers represent, what the law requires, and how to restructure transactions to lower tax. We keep up with changes in the tax code, follow Tax Court cases, and know what issues are the IRS is examining. We have a more holistic approach that benefits taxpayers with more complicated tax issues.

Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, and CPAs are also held to a higher ethical standard and professional oversight than unlicensed preparers and may represent taxpayers in Examinations, Collections, and Appeals.


We believe we can provide more "Value" than Tax Franchises or CPA firms. Our services are comparably priced to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, or Liberty Tax -- yet we offer more value for your dollar with experienced professional, personalized, relationship-based service, and year-round availability. CPAs generally charge more because of the level of review conducted by the firm: A partner meets with the taxpayer, an associate prepares the return, the partner reviews the return and signs it, and then presents it to the taxpayer. Most taxpayers don't require that level of review because the numbers that go on the return are provided to the preparer and not determined by the preparer. Most of our clients' returns are prepared by the same person that presents the return to the client and reviews it line by line. There is no substitute for this opportunity to review information with the client.

We believe our fee structure is fair and lower than the average, but we don't compete on price: "We can't compete with free." We have a pre-set charge per form that we adjust up or down based on preparation time. Our average preparation fee is $199 (forms 1040, Schedules A&B and State Tax Return), and we offer Courtesy Adjustments for low-income taxpayers.

 Personalized Service

Our firm is relatively small. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, their family, and their businesses. We want to be your "Most Trusted Advisor," the one you contact before making major financial decisions. We meet with clients throughout the year and help plan for a variety of financial issues. We offer a weekly "Personal Strategy Notes" email to help keep you thinking about common-sense money management and post current events to our Twitter and Business Facebook Page to keep you informed.

We Do Good Things For Good People

We Solve Tax Problems. For many people, our services have been life changing. Check out and see what our clients have said about us by Googling "Tax Alternative Group" or "Patrick O'Hara EA" and read the reviews.


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