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Cyber Security Tips


Date 02/21/2017

Top 12 Related Tax Scams of 2017

Scammers are creative ... but not THAT creative. As I mentioned, this list is similar to the one from last year,  but knowing what to look out for is only the first step. After I describe these, I'll give you a quick rundown on how...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date  12/13/2016

Fake Privacy And Real Social Media Risks 

Like me, you've probably seen a friend or two post a "legal notice" to their Facebook accounts, as if it would have any kind of impact on the legal status of what they put there. Unfortunately, what your friends are responding to is very much in the category of "fake news"...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date  09/19/2016

Real World Identity Protection

Commonly-advertised identity theft protection services for regular families can seem like an easy button. But the problem is that many of these products are unnecessary or ineffective...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara 


Date: 08/01/2016

Common Sense Online Security (For Normal People)

 We tax professionals recently received a notice from the IRS about how we are an increasingly ripe target for identity thieves and scammers. In New York state alone, the tax department has stopped more than 330,000 suspicious personal income tax refunds, catching nearly $500 million in attempted tax refund fraud.So, as a practice, we make it a point to go well beyond what I'm about to share with you here...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara



Date 01/27/2016

No, You Are Probably Not Getting Sued By The IRS

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


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