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Date 05/24/2017

Ohara's Guide To Keeping Records

This is a guide I send out every so often, because even in the days of cloud-document storage, it's important to have hard copies lying around -- in a safe place, of course. If you don't have a full safe, these are the sort of documents for which you may want to invest in a fire safe, at least.  But here is what you should consider for how long to keep them ... and which ones you can safely trash....Read More



Date: 07/05/2016

Freedom From the IRS Through Smart Recordkeeping

 Well, the dream of freedom, birthed on the 4th, does still live. But let's face it -- our government (especially the IRS) would very much like to have a deeper, larger influence in our financial lives...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 01/27/2016 

No, You Are Probably Not Getting Sued By the IRS 

 In case you didn't already realize it, "tax season" (as we professionals refer to it) is a ripe harvest for spammers, scammers, phishers and con artists of every stripe.  When you pause and consider, it makes sense.  So if and when you get a voice mail purporting to be from the IRS, it makes sense that it might throw you off a little...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

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