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Date 07/31/2017

Irreplaceable Knowledge

In the realm of tax planning, and of preparing your tax return, I urge you... do NOT fall prey to the thinking that a software program or forms downloaded from the internet can suffice to enable you to preserve your resources, or properly leverage the multiplicity of credits, legal and ethical loopholes and deductions available...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/24/2017

Checking Your Finances Against Your Heart

The goal here is that we would train our hearts to more clearly align with good stewardship and wisdom, when sometimes we aren't used to practicing it.  Here are some ideas that might stir your thinking...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/17/2017

Mid-Year Tax Planning

The tax return preparation process is always a "historical" look at what happened during the year ... whereas DURING the year, there are always things we can do to "write" history, so to speak.  What I will advise you on now is "quick and dirty" tax planning for wage earners. There's usually much more that can be done, even if you don't have complicated investments or business ownership. That's worth a conversation (so call or email our office!). But here's a good place to start......Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/10/2017

Smart Planning For Financial Independence

Reaching financial independence isn't always easy. It takes time and work. You cannot accomplish your goal of achieving it by wishing. It takes doing. It takes being committed and absolutely determined to act.  One way you can act now, is to take a look at your personal expenses. Here's some tips to cut them...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/03/2017

Yes, Financial Independence Is Possible

Time was, families used to be dealing with elderly parents, young children ... and everything in between, all in one house! This is less common now, and as a result, many families are actually unprepared for how to handle it -- simply because models are much less plentiful.  The reason I highlight it now, is that we can help -- whether with specific practical assistance, or even just dispassionate advice. You might know somebody in this situation -- or you could be dealing with it yourself....Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

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