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Personal Strategy Notes

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Date 05/30/2017

Millennials: How To Win In The Workplace 

You're young and ambitious, a perfect representative of the millennial generation. Your energy may take you far, but fair or not, you've got to prove yourself to your boss and your colleagues. So, as someone who has been doing this for a little bit longer perhaps, here are some pointers on how to earn their respect...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 05/24/2017

Ohara's Guide To Keeping Records

This is a guide I send out every so often, because even in the days of cloud-document storage, it's important to have hard copies lying around -- in a safe place, of course. If you don't have a full safe, these are the sort of documents for which you may want to invest in a fire safe, at least.  But here is what you should consider for how long to keep them ... and which ones you can safely trash....Read More


Date 05/16/2017

Thinking Clearly About Your Future

You'd probably be surprised if you sat in on some of the meetings I have with some of my other tax planning and preparation clients.  This is by no means the majority of my clients, but there is certainly a good subset of people who have piled away a ton of financial resources ... but who are bored, tired and a little numb.  They haven't taken the time to dream. And, more importantly, they haven't put concrete plan to whatever dreams they might have had in earlier days. They're dragged around by their nose by whatever circumstance comes their way...Read More


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