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We encourage potential clients to look for reviews here and elsewhere on the internet to determine if our firm is a good fit. We are a relationship driven firm and wish to be your most trusted advisor.


I had my taxes prepared for free at the library, but never received my refund. A friend recommended I call Patrick ad see if he could help. He looked at the letter I received, called the IRS, and then compiled some paperwork to show I was entitled to the refund. I had my money about two weeks later -- yesterday. Its nice to know there is someone that you can go to for help even if he didn't repair my original return.

-Linda H.

-July 2016


 Pat makes filing taxes "quick and painless." He provides a better experience then other tax filing agencies. I left knowing more about my taxes then I walked in knowing. Overall excellent experience.

-Justin D

-March 2016


 This is the first year I needed some real tax advice. TurboTax is fine, but as soon as it gets a little complicated, you really need a tax expert to make sure you have everything working for you. Pat is that tax expert! We sat and discussed my entire financial position, then worked through the Federal and numerous state returns I had. He answered all my questions, and when I walked out I knew I was in a better position then when I walked in. I cannot recommend him enough.

-Eric G.

-March 2016


After several years of using a different tax service, my husband and I felt we were not getting the attention we needed. We decided to give Tax Alternative a try. Patrick answered our email immediately and as soon as we received all the necessary documents, we met in his office. He was friendly and polite. Since this was our first year of retirement, we were concerned that we would have problems due to all the changes in our status. This was not the case. Patrick quickly put us at ease and started the process while we were in the office. He was able to complete our return within the hour and even when we discovered my former employer had made an error in paperwork, he was able to tell us exactly how to remedy the problem.
I would highly recommend Tax Alternative Group for all your financial needs. They are very knowledgeable of all the nuances of the tax code. But, more importantly, they are able to make everything understandable to the average person. Their rates are very reasonable, and they give you the individual attention you deserve.

-Cheryle H.

-March 2016


"Having filed taxes for more than 40 years, my entire adult working life, I have had the occasion to work with many tax professionals.  The experience with the Tax Alternative Group exceeded my expectations.  Patrick was extremely knowledgeable, patience in listening to my unique situation, and had exceptional people skills that put me at ease immediately.  I have never felt like I was in better hands in working with a financial professional.  I have told everyone I know how helpful he was to me and how beneficial a visit to him would be for them.  A truly outstanding experience."

-Dee Blackman

-February 2015


"Patrick and his team make filing your income taxes very easy. I thought I had a complicated issue last year, but after my meeting he had all the paperwork prepared and I felt at ease. Looking forward to getting my appointment out of the way early this year."

-Patrick F.

-January 2015


"I had some "procrastination" related tax issues Pat helped me out with. I had really thought the situation was a lost cause for me. He turned the situation around & made it all seem easy. I now use his services for my annual taxes. Excellent results. Highly recommended. "
- Dj Sadowski
- November 18, 2014


"I stumbled onto Pat through a web search and am glad I did. I've been through 4 CPA's and 2 enrolled agents over the years and few of them seem to "get it". I've only been through 1 tax cycle with Pat, but he found me several thousand dollars I missed and gave me useful advice for the next year."
- Jeff B
- November 20, 2013


"Patrick has been doing our taxes for years, we have been very happy with Patricks knowledge of the tax laws, and the service that he provides. "
- Mary Holloway
- November 14, 2013


"My EA, Patrick O'Hara, has provided an extraordinary service for me for regular tax filing, as well as a continuing and very daunting tax quandary. His professional advice and genuine concern for my complicated situation has eased my mind and assisted me in managing this issue, while learning that there are options available to me in rectifying a difficult ordeal. I had consulted with several tax specific "experts", including a few CPA's and did not receive any of the advice that Patrick readily presented to me. I can't recommend him enough for being continuously supportive and informed about current tax concerns of all varieties, which often change rapidly. His professionalism and genuine enthusiasm to assist his clients is a rare combination of qualities. I highly recommend his skills to anyone in need of professional tax related advice and services."
- Tara Delaney-Shiels
- November 04, 2013


"I only met Patrick O'Hara last year, as he was recommended by a friend. Previously, I had no luck in finding an accountant who would care that I received all credits I was deserved. Patrick went back 2 years and reviewed my taxes and found an education credit that I was not aware of. My son benefited greatly, as he is in college. Patrick was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt secure in his advise to me and would highly recommend Patrick."
- Cindy Parow
- November 04, 2013




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