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Taxpayer Representation

Taxpayer Representation and Back Tax Filing

Do you have unfiled returns? Owe money to the IRS? Are you receiving notices from the IRS or state tax authorities that you do not understand? We can help solve your tax problems.

Our Tax Resolution Specialist, Patrick O'Hara, is an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, graduate and Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, and a Member of the American Academy of Tax Practice. His combination of specialized training and over 25 years experience in tax practice has allowed him to help hundreds of taxpayers resolve their tax problems.

Why should you have a taxpayer representative? Many tax problems become complicated because of the procedures that IRS and state tax personnel must follow. A lack of understanding of these procedures and relevant tax law can make resolution more difficult and may even infringe upon the Taxpayers Rights.

Retaining a Taxpayer Representative requires the IRS to deal directly with the representative and prohibits direct contact with the taxpayer in most circumstances. This ensures that the Taxpayer receives due process and all of the rights the taxpayer is afforded by law.

Quality Taxpayer Representation helps reduce the stress of dealing with tax controversy, can help mitigate audit risk, and narrow the scope of an examination. Call us today to resolve your tax problems. 845-242-2151.

Notices, examinations and Audits

Representation services can be as simple as responding to an IRS Notice agreeing or disagreeing with an assessment. The Taxpayer Representative often presents law or legal precedent to advocates for reduced tax and penalties. 

Sometimes a Taxpayer Representative handles a full examination for the taxpayer and presents documentation to the IRS and state tax authorities to justify tax deductions and credits, and bring closure to an examination.

appealing an irs decision

A Taxpayer Representative can Appeal findings of the examination through IRS Administrative Appeals, Audit Reconsideration, Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearings, or the Collection Appeals Program (CAP). An experienced representative knows which program is best for the taxpayer's situation to best retain the taxpayers rights.

negotiating payments

In cases where the taxpayer owes money to the IRS or state tax authorities, the Taxpayer Representative may negotiate a payment plan (Installment Agreement) with the IRS or state tax authority, and sometimes, may be able to make a settlement offer (Offer in Compromise  - OIC) for less than the full amount due.

unfiled returns and amending past returns

If you have unfiled returns, you are not alone. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) require income verification and assistance may be suspended until tax returns are filed. Our firm help taxpayers get caught up on their tax filings and move forward. In some cases, the filed returns generate refunds, in others there may be tax due. Good faith and due diligence can work through any problem.

Get help with these IRS notices

We offer help with all IRS and NY state tax notices. To an untrained person, many of these notices are several pages long and do not appear to say anything. A trained professional can quickly determine what the notice is about and how to respond. Bad things generally happen when the taxpayer doesn't respond to  these notices.

Below is just a sample list — please contact us for more information if you have any questions about how we can help you. We want to be your most trusted advisor.

  • ◊  IRS CP 504 – Final Notice of Balance Due and intent to Levy
  • ◊  IRS CP 2000 -- Notice of Proposed Adjustment
  • ◊  IRS CP 2057 – Need to File an Amended Return
  • ◊  IRS CP 2566 – Unfiled Return Letter
  • ◊  IRS CP 3219 – Changes to your Federal Tax Returns



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