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Tax Planning Tips

Date 09/26/2017

One Example of Simple Tax Planning

Too many folks wait until the winter before they look at their tax obligations. Even worse, too many even among our clients wait until that season before they speak with us in any kind of proactive way.That's a problem, and it could be costing you some serious savings....Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 09/17/2017

What Do I Need For My 2017 Taxes

I've put together a simple primer, similar to what I've sent in years past, on what you should be pulling together by the end of the year. But the BEST way to be prepared is to have a customized conversation now about installing a proactive strategy to minimize your specific tax burden ....Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/31/2017

Irreplaceable Knowledge

In the realm of tax planning, and of preparing your tax return, I urge you... do NOT fall prey to the thinking that a software program or forms downloaded from the internet can suffice to enable you to preserve your resources, or properly leverage the multiplicity of credits, legal and ethical loopholes and deductions available...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/17/2017

Mid-Year Tax Planning

The tax return preparation process is always a "historical" look at what happened during the year ... whereas DURING the year, there are always things we can do to "write" history, so to speak.  What I will advise you on now is "quick and dirty" tax planning for wage earners. There's usually much more that can be done, even if you don't have complicated investments or business ownership. That's worth a conversation (so call or email our office!). But here's a good place to start......Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 07/03/2017

Yes, Financial Independence Is Possible

Often, as we strive to keep our heads above water in these culturally crazy times, it's easy to lose sight of why we're all working hard each day. What is the goal? What is it we're trying to accomplish by earning wealth? For me -- and for many others -- the answer is financial independence.....Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 06/27/2017

Financial Advice for Multi-Generational Caretaking

Time was, families used to be dealing with elderly parents, young children ... and everything in between, all in one house! This is less common now, and as a result, many families are actually unprepared for how to handle it -- simply because models are much less plentiful.  The reason I highlight it now, is that we can help -- whether with specific practical assistance, or even just dispassionate advice. You might know somebody in this situation -- or you could be dealing with it yourself....Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara

Date 06/05/2017

Six Good Reasons Everyone Should Have An Estate Plan

Many well-meaning (and very loving) parents haven't yet established an estate plan. That is a sad reality.  Yes, perhaps they've downloaded a fill-in-the-blank will from a software service, but unfortunately, with many situations, these don't cover every important component of your wishes...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 04/18/2017

3.5 Months of Labor

Because according to the most recent report on the matter, issued by the General Accounting Office, taxpayers overpay the IRS over $1 billion every year due to incorrect itemization and preparation.
 What's worse is that those who prepared their own taxes (with a software or on their own) are the most vulnerable, according to the report. But did you also know that taxpayers who used one of the "big chain" preparers are almost as bad off?...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 03/28/2017

Conquering Procrastination

"I can't have been procrastinating.  I've been really busy!"  But that's the point: when we're busy, we can easily trick ourselves into thinking that all of that activity means we're not procrastinating...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 03/07/2017

Documents You Need For Tax Preparations 2017

With the increased penalties associated with the ACA in 2017, and all of the other changes every year, filing your taxes on your own is not for the faint of heart...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 01/30/2017

What To Look For In A Tax Professional

 Unfortunately, with the way that most tax professionals and CPA's present themselves to the world, it seems like we're all the same...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 01/24/2017

Common Self-Preparation Tax Errors To Avoid

As all of your information is coming into your mailbox or being uploaded to your online accounts this month to prepare for your taxes, it can be tempting to forego the perceived "expense" of using a professional to help you save on your taxes for the year...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date  10/17/2016

Essential Recordkeeping Principles for Taxpayers

Many of our clients have never received that dreadful notice from the IRS, initiating an audit -- or, much worse, the KNOCK on the door! If you never have, you probably don't keep much financial documentation...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date  09/12/2016

Ensuring Your 2016 Taxes Are Done Right

Believe it or not, now is the time to start making sure that you'll be ready for a few months from now, when tax time is upon us.  Generally speaking, you should keep any and all documents that may have an impact on your federal tax return...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date 05/31/2016

What Really Happens To An Estate

 There is some occasional confusion about what happens when someone passes away, and what happens to their assets. If they have over $100K in assets, it is will be handled in one of three ways...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date  05/17/2016

The Social Security Election Decision

Like most government law, Social Security is not a simple piece of legislation. Since the Social Security Act became law in 1935, hundreds of amendments have been piled onto it, and have thereby added to the complexity. So to make the best decision about how to file for it, you'll need to consider four things...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


Date: 02/03/2016

Receiving a Large Refund or Inheritance (or Winnings)

 According to recent data from the Federal Reserve (what do they NOT keep track of??), more than nine million households in the U.S. reported getting an inheritance of at least $100,000. And there is other data which suggests that baby boomers stand to receive over $8 trillion in inheritance over the next few decades.  But sometimes such "blessings" end up as curses to those who aren't prepared...Read More

Posted by Patrick O'Hara


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